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China Jwell Machinery (Changzhou) Co.,ltd. certification
China Jwell Machinery (Changzhou) Co.,ltd. certification
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We are very impressed with you and your company, for honouring the products you sell to us. Thank you very much!

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We have been cooperating with Jwell since year 2008. We are so happy that we can grow up together.

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  • Production Line

    Brief introduction of Jwell Company.

    • History: Jwell is one of the biggest plastic manufactures in the world. We have many factories in Shanghai, Changzhou, Suzhou, Zhejiang and Guangzhou. We have also set up some foreign offices in Vietnam, Turky, Bangladesh and Thailand. We also started to build a factory in India. Welcome to visit our company.
    • Products: We specialize in many kinds of plastic machines like plastic pipe, profile, sheet and pelletizing lines and other recycling machines. The first screw of extruder in China was made by our company in 1978. We are professional in plastic machines because of more than 40 years rich experience. Our customers come from all over the world and we can give you a turn-key system which includes materials, formula and machines. You do not need to worry about anything.
    • Spirit: To be persistent and innovative; To achieve an excellent and perfect Jwell.

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    Jwell Large Diameter PE Pipe Extrusion Machine For Water Supply And Gas Supply Pipe

    Jwell Machinery (Changzhou) Co.,ltd. factory production line 1

    Properties: The Large Diameter HDPE/MDPE Pipe Extrusion Line which is researched by Jwell Machinery Co.,Ltd features of unique structure, easily control, highly automation and stable performance. Pipes produced by this machine has the moderate rigidity, strength, as well as good flexibility, anti-rot, anti-stress split, and favorable hot melting, making this large diameter pipe considered as the prefect production for water and gas transportation system in cities.


    PVC/PVC WPC Door Board Extrusion Line

    Jwell Machinery (Changzhou) Co.,ltd. factory production line 2

    Performance and advantages:

    The extruder of this extrusion line is the special designed SJZ92 conical twin-screw extruder, which adopts the imported temperature controlling gauges with features of high precision temperature controlling and easy and reliable operation. The vacuum calibration table is equipped with the strong cooling device which ensures the cooling effect. The haul off unit is equipped with the precise reduction motor and inverter, having the advantages of reasonable

    structure,powerful and stable haul off force. The cutter has the reliable and accurate cutting effect. The stacker has the movable stacking trolley and special made rubber protection layer to prevent the product from being scratched. The downstream equipment of this extrusion line uses the programmable computer or domestic famous controlling system.


    PVC Skinning (WPC) Foaming Board Extrusion Line

    Jwell Machinery (Changzhou) Co.,ltd. factory production line 3

    Transportation industrial: Ship, plane, bus, chamber of train, roofing, core layer, inner decoration board.

    Construction and decoration industrial: outer wall board, inner decoration board, housing, office, public construction board, furniture, cupboard and roofing. Adopting printing, film coating and thermo-embossing equipment, it will get all kinds of emulation wooden productions.


    This extrusion line is made according to the features of free foamed board and skinning foamed board by using the extrusion part of the free foamed board machine and the downstream equipment of the skinning foamed board. Thus, the production of this extrusion line has the features of smooth surface and low density. The surface hardness of the product is between the

    skinning foamed board and free foamed board. The investment of this machine is small, which makes it easy for market promotion.


    PVC Multi Layer Heat Insulation Corrugated Board & PC Step-Roofing Extrusion Line

    Jwell Machinery (Changzhou) Co.,ltd. factory production line 4

    Feature and application of PVC multi-layer heat insulation corrugated board and PC step-roofing :

    The fire protection performance is remarkable and difficult to burn. Anti-corossion, Acid proof, alkali, radiating quickly, high lighting, long life service.

    Adopting special technology, bearing the outdoor atmospheric insolation, good the heat insulation performance. It can provide a more comfortable environment comparing the metal to a tile in the hot summer.

    It applies in the workshop, the warehouse, the vehicle shed, the agricultural market fair, the brattice, the wall body, the temporary store, the heat insulation awning and so on.


    ABS、HIPS Single、Multi-layer Plate Extrusion Line

    Jwell Machinery (Changzhou) Co.,ltd. factory production line 5

    ABS、HIPS/GPPS Refrigerator board:

    It has wide application in production of refrigerator door and inner gallbladder, drawers, water dispensers, etc.


    ABS/PMMA Sanitaryware plate:

    It is widely applied in the field of bath products, such as the bathtub, the shower cabinet, the vapor room, washing bowl, etc.


    ABS/PC Baggage plate:

    It is mainly applied in field of draw-bar boxes, luggage cases, recreation bags, etc.


    ABS、ABS + PC Car plate:

    It is mainly used in to produce tops of cars and buses, instrument boards, backrest, car doors, window frames, shells of the motorcycles, golf vehicles, etc.



    Plastic Recycling Machines

    Jwell Machinery (Changzhou) Co.,ltd. factory production line 6

    DYPS series light crusher is of beautiful exterior design and high-quality steel structure welding. The rotor uses the latest V-shaped cutting technology to send the crushed material to the central, which not only avoids the material impacting on the sidewall, but also makes the sidepiece wearable, and reduces dust producing. The main shaft is made of high-quality material. It has advantage of assembly operation, static balance check, good toughness, hard to deformation, stable work- ing, and small vibration.

    Applicable to broken small pipes, profiles, plate sheets, injection molding glands, and all kinds of plastic packaging containers and thin film,etc. DYUN can also provide crushing auxiliary device according to customer’s requirements, such as suction unit collector,feeding conveyor belt and metal separator etc.


    Plastic Pelletizing Line

    Jwell Machinery (Changzhou) Co.,ltd. factory production line 7




    Jwell design new type plastic machines which adopts advanced foreign technology. We specialized in many kinds of extrusion machines and recycling machines , screws and barrels since 1978 with more than 40 years experience until now, with many customers all around the world and hope to find a way to cooperate with you. JWELL provides turn-key system for our customers and full support service including machine,formula and material etc.We are plastic extrusion machine manufacturer.


  • R&D

    Jwell was built in 1978 and developed many factories in Changzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhejiang and Guangdong. We also set up foreign offices in Bangladesh, Turkey, Algeria, Vietnam Thailand. Right now our foreign factory in India is under construction. Welcome to visit our factory.

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